Samantha Ford Design

Whats In My Closet

Client: SCAD School Project *Remains in SCAD's personal collection* 
Project: Organizing 300 Pieces of Information

One side of the poster lists the clothing I bought for myself, the opposite side lists clothing bought for me. The colors indicate the time period in which I got the clothing, lines connect one piece of clothing to another and the number corresponds with a list on the side with the reason as to why they go together. The white poster is all text, and the corresponding black one is a photographic.

The poster is about personal items so the reasoning for connections might not make much sense to other people. 

From the information gathered in the posters I created a book, or maybe a tool. The book is set up in three sections; tops, bottoms, and shoes. Each section flips on its on so I can see all my outfits and put together things I normally wouldn't.