Samantha Ford Design

Whats In My Closet

Organizing 300 Pieces of Information
Information design on posters relating the clothing in my closet. 

Part 1
I started by making a list of all the clothing in my closet. I then started separating the information in to two categories, things I have purchased for myself and things other people have purchased for me. I then started separating the two categories into subcategories of the time period I acquired the items. 

After getting the items separated I started relating items from one side to the other. 

On the poster one side lists the clothing I bought for myself, the opposite side lists clothing bought for me. The colors indicate the time period in which I got the clothing, lines connect one piece of clothing to another and the number corresponds with a list on the side with the reason as to why they go together. 

The poster is about personal items so the reasoning for connections might not make much sense to other people. 

Part 2
From the information gathered in the posters I created a book, or maybe a tool. Sometimes my closet is so overwhelming and packed with clothes that I find it hard to see everything I have and pick out outfits. 

The book is set up in three sections; tops, bottoms, and shoes. Each section flips on its on so I can see all my outfits and put together things I normally wouldn't. It also shows a personal short sentence or phrase about each clothing item. The book fits into a little black case with words about clothes handwritten on all sides and spools of thread as handles to open it.