Samantha Ford Design


What I've Been Doing Lately

In college I did a package design project for small items. The professor told us we could just buy any small items to do the series of packages for, but I chose to create my own. I bought some polymer clay, a jewelry making kit, a few tools and started learning how to create my own charms with clay. I did a series of food charms, each food representing a certain age or point in life. What started as a school project turned into something I truly enjoyed doing.

While in school I didn't have much time to continue doing it, but told myself after graduation I would pick it up as a hobby. Then I graduated...then I moved...then I got a job...then time went on and I didn't pick it up again. I convinced myself that I didn't have the time because I was working full time, although I continued to think about it. I continued to think about all the cute little necklaces I wanted to make and how I wanted so badly to start doing it again. But I kept making excuses. I was either too busy with work, or I told myself I just didn't have the space to have it all out right now. 

Recently I made some changes in my life and the creative wheels started turning again and I began feeling much more productive. I realized that I have to continue doing the things I enjoy, even if that means staying up late on weekdays and making a mess in my room. I missed the satisfaction of creating something three-dimensional with my hands. Something that I could then wear, and have the sense of accomplishment knowing that I did that. 

Right now I am really into making donuts in a light pastel color scheme. When I first started making them I was doing food charms that were a bit more realistic, but now I am focussed more on making something cute/pretty and less realistic. 

I have also started making necklaces with multiple charms. It is a bit more time consuming to finish one necklace, but the outcome is super rewarding, plus it's way more eye catching. I am hoping to eventually get colored chains with larger loops to add an extra element of sass. 

As a huge fan of chokers/collars I really wanted to start making them and incorporate my charms.  Unfortunately I don't have my sewing machine right now, so I am experimenting with small basic chokers that can be made with just hands and no machine. Hopefully when I move I will have room for my sewing machine and set up a nice work space to really be able to make the things I envision.