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A Photo A Day | New & A Guilty Pleasure

Man, where does the time go? Seriously. I looked at the photo calendar and I was looking in January until it hit me that it's actually February. Time, you can stop going by so quickly now.

I start getting a bit worried when this happens, like maybe I am not doing enough, and I am not achieving what I want to achieve in the time I would like to. I have to relax, and tell myself that I still do have time to make my dreams a reality. I try not to stress out about things, especially things that are out of my control. I know that the universe has a plan for me, I just have to let it all unfold naturally. I am a determined person and I never give up, I have faith in myself that I can succeed. 

Anyway, I know it's been a while, but today I am combining yesterdays photo "New" and todays "A Guilty Pleasure."  

I secretly always wanted an oversized stuffed animal for Valentines Day but I never got one. I front like I don't care about Valentines Day because it's a holiday created by the greeting card company to make profit. But there is that little part of me that wants a card, or candy, or an oversized stuffed animal.... Since my boyfriend lives in Connecticut we won't be spending Valentines Day together, so the last time I was there he let me pick out my very own oversized stuffed animal! GUYS, I FINALLY GOT ONE!

So for this little photo thingy, "New" is the stuffed animal and my "Guilty Pleasure" is actually stuffed animals. I have so many fluffy friends. I don't want jewelry or some fancy brand thing, just take me to build-a-bear or the Disney store, and I will love you forever.