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Personal Work | Disney edition

When I am not working at my full-time job, I am usually working on some type of project I have created for myself. If I don't do something creative in my personal time, I feel unfulfilled. I could lay in bed all day, but if I am on my laptop creating something, I feel much more productive. 

I happen to be a huge Disney fan. I'm talking the kind of fan that gets really defensive whenever someone has anything negative to say about Disney. I'm the person who has to pick which Disney movie to watch based on how much or how little I want to cry. Seriously, Lion King, I can't watch that unless I have mentally prepared myself in advance. Don't even get me started with Fox & The Hound. I'm going to start crying just thinking about it. 

As we all know, Beauty and the Beast live action movie is now in theaters. This inspired me to get creative with my love for Disney. I made a cute little Belle vector illustration and some supporting song lyrics. This then turned into me wanting to make one for Gaston, and now I am thinking this will turn into a whole serious of characters, especially now that I have decided I want to make little print outs and frame them to decorate my apartment when I move. 

They are very simple, but they make me happy. And that's what personal work is... Things for me.

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