Samantha Ford Design


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The names Samantha & thanks for finding your way to my site.


Three Pieces featured in the SCAD 2015 Secession. All works are added to the SCAD personal collection. 

1 of 4 students chosen to read final art history research paper in the annual DCAD Symposium. Research paper now lives in the DCAD library. 

Winner of the 2013 DCAD Halloween Poster Contest

I like to think that I wear many hats, but you're probably here because you're interested in my graphic design. I believe I was interested in graphic design before I even really knew what it was. There is something fascinating in how packaging, typography, layout, and design in general can sway people and play a large part in decisions that they make even on an unconscious level. 

When I'm not working (what am I saying, I'm always working on something!) I'd like to say you can catch me at the gym, but I'm probably at home with my pups binge eating vegan ice cream and watching bad horror movies on Netflix. 

Delaware College of Art and Design as well as Savannah College of Art and Design Alumni.