Samantha Ford Design


Web Design & Menu Design

We had the pleasure of working with Brewology, a gastro pub, while I was working at Moka graphics. They wanted a "hip" web design to match the unique interior of their restaurants. They have a chalk wall in one of their locations and allow people to write on the walls in the bathrooms, so we wanted to mimic that hand written vibe on their website. Their logo mimics the elements, with the square around the 'BR' which is why we chose to include a periodic table of beer. The table is interactive, when you mouse over a beer, information pops up about that particular brew. 

Originally we were't meant to re-design their menus. But after getting a feel for the restaurant and seeing their current menu design, I created a series of menus that felt more playful and 'hip' to go along with the new website. 

Check out the live website