Samantha Ford Design

Capital One Animated Screens

Client: Capital One
Project: In branch animated screens advertising discounts at the Capital One Arena when you use your capital one credit or debit card.

To do this we leaned on animated in-branch screens to tell a story. Capital One already had a collection of illustrations created for in-branch screens, but this being sports and arena focussed, I had to create the majority of them in a way that would match their illustration standards (the bank on screen 1 and cards on screen 2 were already created).

Since I don’t have the actual animation of the screens, let me walk you through it.

Screen 1: D.C. skyline and Capital One Arena slides in from right to left with a Capital One branch included. Animation stops as branch sits center and copy animates in. Skyline and branch slide off screen left.

Screen 2: Debit and Credit card slide in from right and sit center. A shine glistens across cards as copy animates in.

Screen 3: As cards slide off to left, a drink, hotdog and popcorn slide in from right. As they come to a stop, a few popcorn kernels fall out of the bucket. Exit screen left.

Screen 4: As tickets animate and dance in place, a basketball will bounce in and out of frame from left to right. A hockey puck will glide across from left to right. Both will be behind the tickets.

Screen 5: Tickets dance off screen left and fan gear flies in from all sides and dance as copy animates in.

Screen 6: The Capital One arena slides in, with subtle movement of the awning, and the copy comes into place.